Sunday, March 30, 2014

Cousin Time

Last week Portia and Palmer came to visit.   Portia stayed with us and Palmer got some one on one time with Papa and Nona.  I'm not sure there is anything that makes me happier than when Briz spends time with her cousins that she adores.  Maybe it means more to me because she normally just has Nick and I around.  

Briz was SO excited to have Portia here.  She told everyone she saw for the few days before she came.  She also made sure to brag about her cousin's age.  "Do you know how old Portia is?  She's 7!!!"  

Briz worships her cousin, and wanted to do everything exactly like her.  After a few days I think Portia was a little sick of having a clone.

Saturday, we went on a nature hike at Tryon Creek Park.  It was kinda lame and the guide talked way too much about stuff we really didn't care about.  But the girls got to be outside and they also got to use a magnifying glass.

Briz is really into making this weird pirate face when she poses for pictures.

We then took the kids to the Portland Aerial Tram.  They thought it was the coolest thing.  A lot of screaming and cheering.   

Palmer said his favorite part was the "freefall."

When we got up to the top it was beautiful and sunny and you could see Mount Hood and Mount Jefferson and the entire city of Portland.  

The whole weekend was sunny and warm.  These girls, being the northwestern children that they are thought it was basically summer.  They wanted to bring out a kiddie pool to play at Papa and Nona's, but settled for a big bowl that they kept filling up.  

Portia was leaping and dancing for hours.  What else do you need besides sunshine and a bucket of water with your cousin?

After not very long, Briz took off all of her clothes.  Portia was a little bit embarrassed by Brizzy's immodesty.  

We took the girls to see Mr. Peabody and Sherman.  They were mesmerized and Nick and I loved hearing their giggles.  I loved it because it was all about history and a nerdy dog.  

On Monday, we spent a fun afternoon at the park, but before that, I let the girls paint Brizzy's Ikea table outside.  These two girls could paint or color for hours.  They are both quite the little artists, so they thought this was a cool project.  

The girls were very tired by their last day, and needed some serious naps.  But it was so wonderful having Portia here.  Briz and her were in their own world for most of the weekend.  It was so nice for Briz to have a playmate around.  Briz asked if Dad could get a job in Washington so she could see Palmer, Portia, and Teya every day.  Probably not going to happen anytime soon, but we love that we get to see these cousins more often.


Meredith said...

That is so fun that you guys live reasonably close to Briz's cousins. I hope we live near cousins when Wes is older.

Amander N said...

It was funny to see Briz's clothes slowly come off throughout each of the pictures. She's such a funny girl.