Friday, March 7, 2014

The Last Few Weeks

The last few weeks have been going well.  I am feeling overall a lot better and trying to enjoy it, even though I am constantly being lectured by Nick to stop doing stuff.  Briz was being extremely whiny and needy for a couple weeks, and I was getting pretty tired of it.   But helping her get more sleep, and being more consistent with consequences/rewards has definitely helped.  It's a big duh.  But day to day when you're tired, not so easy to actually implement.  Here are some things that we've been up to . . .

Briz has been asking for very particular hairstyles lately.  I attempt to try them out, but often give up.  She went through  a phase in January when she really wanted me to cut her hair and now she's back to insisting on growing it out like Rapunzel.  I really wish I would have taken advantage of that phase, because even though I don't mind doing her hair, it's quite a hassle.

Briz went to the dentist, which she LOVES.  As always, she did great and was very excited about her special prizes on the way out.

Even though, still rainy most of the time, it has started to get warmer, which is wonderful.  We have upgraded to our light coats, and spending a bit more time outside.  We decided to take an evening scooter ride one night while we waited for Dad to get home.

We have started piano lessons up again.  I have to make sure we do these when Briz is in a good mood, otherwise its a recipe for disaster.  She doesn't want my help with anything.  Here she is practicing rounded hands.

We have been doing a lot of play groups which is wonderful.  I have a group of girls over on Monday afternoon and Briz plays at her friends' houses on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  Even though she never wants it to end, it's so nice for her to be around her friends every day.

We took a little pit stop at the pet store, and she was obsessed with the chameleons.  She begged and begged to buy one.  Luckily she seems to have forgotten about it since.

She has been perfecting her posing, as you can tell.  She has got the sassy-teenage-open mouth pose down.

Briz gets every excited about silly things.  This is her new toothbrush from the dentist and she loves brushing her teeth with it.

With some of Brizzy's friends, we made fruit loop necklaces.

I have recently decided to take a break from teaching piano.  It was a hard decision for me because I love teaching.  But with my pregnancy complications and my counseling business continually growing, there just isn't enough time in the day.  This is what Briz does while I teach piano.  She finds other peoples' dress up clothes.  

And finally, this is a comparison of my pregnancy with Holland to my current state.  You can't quite tell with this picture, but I am SO much bigger with this pregnancy.  I had to actually go maternity shopping today, which is something I think I did twice with Briz.  I normally have gotten away with buying just Large shirts, but my belly is just sticking out too much that I have to invest in the real deal.  Doesn't make me happy, but I did always say with my other pregnancies that I wanted more of a real pregnant belly (not to just gain weight everywhere).  So I guess I'm getting what I've wanted. 

 Baby Girl # 3 loves to kick A LOT.  She just recently started getting the hiccups which makes me smile.  She seems to love sugar, and goes particularly bezerk when I eat it; she loves music (both of which are not big surprises), but what I love is that she loves her Dad's voice.  Anytime he talks, without fail, she goes crazy.  Starting to get excited for this little one's arrival in a few months.  

Briz has decided that she wants to name her Rosella (and call her Ro for short) or Blossom Rose.     

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Amander N said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better and can enjoy it a bit more! I look to you as my inspiration of where I can be in six weeks.

And you are a very cute pregnant woman.