Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Baby Pains

Warning: big bare belly showing!

I had my highly anticipated doctors appointment this last week.  The ultrasound was so fun.  This little one continues to amaze me at how strong she is.  We got to see her from a lot of different angles.  She loves to move nonstop.  We saw her blowing bubbles and practicing her breathing rather intensely.  She was really working hard at her breathing.  We could see a lot of hair on her head.  She loved putting her little hand on her forehead and kicking me in the ribs.  

I got conflicting results back on the ultrasound: doctor told me the placenta had moved slightly and the technician told me it was the exact same as last time after pulling up last time's ultrasound.  Either way, I have a little bit of hope of delivering vaginally.  It's probably still slim but it would be so nice to have a quicker recovery!  Either way, I am so excited to meet this little mover and shaker. Can't wait to hold her and give her nonstop kisses.

In the meantime, my doctor told me to quit working which I was not excited about.  I had to spend some time at the hospital last week to be monitored and get some shots for contractions.  When I get hooked up to the NST machine, it really is deja-vou from previous pregnancies.  Its nice to know she is healthy but I get a little annoyed just hanging around when it doesn't seem necessary.  The contractions have subsided  a bit however and that has helped.

I was also glad I got a chance to go to the hospital before labor.  It was sort of surprising how hard it was for me to be there, but the last time I was there was when I was delivering Holland, so after the fact, it made a lot of sense.  It all came rushing back and I felt overwhelmed with grief.   So I am glad I had a chance to deal with that before actually delivering.  I am very nervous about it all still but those hormones are kicking in and helping me feel ready.     

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