Thursday, May 8, 2014

Crazy Crazy Crazy

Nick went out of town last weekend to go backpacking and fishing with friends.  I was so jealous but also so glad that he got to go do something fun.  He has been working a ton and he has a crazy pregnant wife, so it was good for him to get a break.  In the meantime, I was getting a little anxious about the weekend.  It was supposed to be crappy weather and I didn't know how I was going to entertain Briz all weekend by myself.  So I decided I needed to get out of my house before I lost my mind.  Briz and I took a weekend trip up to Seattle.

I picked Briz up early for school.  But I got there just in time to see her summer water party.  I have been letting Briz do a lot of things on her own lately. So most days she picks out her own outfits and gets her backpack ready for school.  She loves swimsuit from Grandma Julie and decided to bring the whole ensemble to school, hat included.  I kept giggling at this hat. 

She is very dramatic when she plays in the water.  She flips her hair into the sprinklers as you can see.

It was so fun to see these kid Hugh kids.  Perhaps the best part though was eating at Cafe Rio!  Yeah!  

I love Palmers goofy face in this picture.  What a funny kid.

I hadn't seen Thatcher since Christmas, and I was happy to be able to be there for his first birthday.  He is the cutest kid ever!  Briz said, "He is the cutest baby in the whole world.  For reals Mom."  I asked her if she thought her baby sister would be as cute and she said, "No, cause Thatcher is the cutest baby forever."  This is most likely a true statement.  

He was not overly excited about his cupcake.  He was a little disturbed when I dipped his finger in the frosting and then even more so when the cupcake fell on his lap.  He liked the cake part of it, as long as someone fed it to him.

These girls loved playing with each other.  While I don't have to deal with sibling fighting, I am so jealous of how they will just go play.  Makes me sad Briz doesn't have that.  But so glad she has cousins for that.

We went to church with them on Sunday and go to hear Bri teach gospel doctrine.  I was excited to go to gospel doctrine and relief society.  Its nice to have adult interaction at church every once in a while.

So glad we could make a quick drive and see these silly cousins.  Saved me from a weekend of insanity and of course Briz has the time of her life.

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