Friday, May 30, 2014

Counting Down

When I was pregnant with Brizzy, the last few weeks I walked around singing, "It's the final countdown!"  (I watched a lot of arrested development during that pregnancy).  And since then, whenever I get to the end of pregnancy, I can't get that song out of my head.

Here I am at 34 weeks.  When I text this pic to my family they told me I didn't look very big.  But trust me, when you've seen me waddle it takes on a whole new effect.  I  am waddling like I've never waddled before, and it makes the belly grow about 5 times in size.  Besides the fact that my face and hands are pretty swollen now.  It's not pretty.

My wonderful ward threw me a baby shower.  I don't normally love baby showers because I don't like opening up presents in front of everyone.  But it was SO fun.  It was very low key which I love, and my friend Annette made these adorable cookies for me to bring home.  The food was SO good and I got so many amazing, cool presents.  It really helped me get excited for the baby and have a desire to get stuff together.  I felt like I didn't really need one, but I'm glad they forced me to have one because it allowed me to have some new things for just her.

I came home and opened all of my presents and spent the next two days getting all my baby crap together.  I of course couldn't walk the three days after that, but it was worth it.  We have this little room just off of our master; its the absolute perfect spot because she will be close but will still have her own space.  Nick and I keep joking to each other, "Why have we ever taken up a whole room for  a baby before!"

 Briz is getting ready.  She has a constant countdown going.   First on the countdown is how much time left in preschool, categorized by both days and weeks.  And then a much lesser priority on her countdown is how many days/weeks until the baby comes. She made a special necklace for her baby sister to wear post delivery.  And yes, it does say, "Club Glitz" on the bottom.  Perfect.

This is me at 35 weeks.  The last couple weeks have become even more miserable.  I started getting migraines about every other day, and am constantly throwing up because of my severe heartburn.  I am itching of course, and sleep usually not more than about 5 hours at night.  I pee about 20 minutes and I struggle walking, standing, sitting, pretty much all of it.  She is headbutting and punching me in the cervix fairly often which is one of the most painful things ever.  I randomly start screaming and it definitely has led to some awkward moments.  But its amazing how getting close to the end makes it feel bearable.  It helps that Nick and Briz make me laugh all of the time.  I am trying to soak up the one thing I love about pregnancy which is this baby's crazy ninja moves inside of me.  She is a hype I can tell, and while her kicking hurts me, I love to just sit and watch her be a maniac.  

I had my ultrasound yesterday and discovered that the placenta has moved slightly but still not enough, so C section here we come!  June 10th at 7:30 a.m. they will be slicing me open and pulling my little girl out (Nick has requested to help with surgery, what a weirdo). I was really hoping I could do a regular birth, but I am just so excited to meet her that I'm not sure how much I care. at this point (I may have a different perspective after delivery when I can't do the things I want to do ).  I am constantly daydreaming about her, holding her, kissing her, figuring our her cries.   This little girl's arrival has been highly anticipated  and she has so many wonderful people that will love her.  We can't wait for her to join our family!  

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Amander N said...

Ugh. I am sorry you are so miserable (migraines, itching, and cervix punches - why is pregnancy so cruel?). But I am also so happy that you get to have her so soon! I am sure that does make it more bearable, to have an absolute date for when the misery can come to an end.

And those cookies are super adorable. And I'm glad you had a shower. And I miss you.