Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Putting Briz to Work

Briz was so excited to turn 5.  She talks about when she was 4 like it was ancient history.  One of my favorite things about her getting older is using it against her . . ."Oh well five year olds know how to do that."  She usually responds with a surprised, "Really?"  But either way she totally believes  Nick and I and feels like she has a challenge to rise to.   I will be sad when the day comes that she doesn't believe everything I say.

She thought the idea of cleaning my car was so great!  Until she started.  She cleaned about 1/3 of it and then gave up.

We are working really hard over the last few months on being more clean.  We have designated clean up time every morning where I set the timer and turn on music.  After trying  a few different strategies this one for sure works the best.  But she still loves having me around, even if I'm not doing anything.  Here we are learning how to match and fold socks.  We are starting to work on tying shoes, mostly because my big belly gets in the way of me trying to bend over and tie them.

Love how proud of herself she gets when she does something little.

This girl has been playing extremely hard and working hard.  She is playing all of the time over at friends houses.  She is wiped out a lot.

But never too tired to pose for a picture.

She has a few more weeks of tennis.  I  bought her a Nike tennis skirt so she always talks about how we're twins.  She is a decent little tennis player, when she wants to try, that is.  She loves to talk about playing tennis with Grandma Julie this summer.

Briz lately, I swear, has turned into a little pre teen.  Her favorite things to say are, "Seriously?!" (think teenage girl with the influx) and "What the!!!!"  all of the time.  A lot of  "Are you for real" and "like,"  A couple weeks ago I was ready to lock her in her room for a few days because she constantly had an attitude. I would ask her to do something and she started mumbling things under her breath as she talked back.  Yes  I know, this is slightly concerning.

But most of the time we have fun together.  I love how excited she gets about the baby coming.  She is very specific about not wanting to see blood or any kind of gross substance on the baby.  She only wants to see her after she has taken a bath :)  But she talks all of the time about all of the ways she is going to help with her sister.  Even when Briz is being a stinker she gives me and my belly constant hugs and kisses and tells me about ten times every day how much she loves me.   

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