Tuesday, May 6, 2014

My Five Year Old

I never thought I would be the kind of mom that got sad when her kids got older.  But I was wrong.  I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the fact that I am pregnant and emotional, but the night before Briz turned five, I had a good cry.  Nick and I always joke with Briz that she isn't allowed to get any older than four, but she responds with a sassy, "Sorry, but I'm gonna!"  I just love this sweet little girl who wants to cuddle and kiss me all of the time.  It makes me sad to know that won't last much longer.

We celebrated her birthday twice.  The weekend before, Aunt Brittany came to visit, so we got to do some fun birthday stuff.  Brittany picked her up early from school and took her to Chuck E Cheese, and then to get ice cream.  

On Saturday, we all went out to lunch at Canyon Grill.  It was my first time and holy cow, the shakes there are amazing!

Then Saturday evening we went cosmic bowling.  While we were waiting for friends, Briz played some arcade games with Brittany and Dad.

 Briz loves skiball.  She is pretty serious about her arcade games (hmm wonder where she gets that from).  But she was struggling a little bit, and I could not stop laughing.

The bowling commenced and it was fun to be with friends and watch the kids get excited.  Ella kept screaming, "You got a touchdown?!" (of course translating to strike).

Briz, however, had no nap and was a little poop.  I also think she was mad that she wasn't doing better at bowling. 

Piper was the real champ.  She dominated.  In fact, I think Piper beat her mom's score.

We then went back to our place for pizza, cake, and a couple presents.  Briz was quite generously offering for her friends to help her take turns opening her presents.    Nick and I have started calling her Monica, "Rules are good!  They help control the fun."

She got to open the present from Pops and Grandma Julie, and she was a little excited.

Ella was smart enough to run off with Anna the second it was opened.  We were all laughing pretty hard.  Sorry Briz, you snooze you lose.

Dad got Briz this rainbow butterfly birthday cake.  Nick did pretty much everything that day.  Briz loved her cake.  Rainbows and butterflies!  Doesn't get much better than that.

The day of her birthday Briz had school.  Nick woke her up with breakfast in bed, which is her favorite.

We came to her school for a little birthday celebration.  They sang to her, we had popsicles, and then all of the kids painted flowers (at Brizzy's request).

We ditched out of school early and I took Briz to get a pedicure/manicure.  This is not something I thought I would ever do with her, but I am big and pregnant and in pain, so it sounded like a good idea.  Plus, I kind of like that Briz is girly.  It makes me more girly.

She of course picked out all sparkly nail polish, and she was thrilled that they even put a flower design over.

After that, we went to dinner at IHOP.  Kids eat free Wednesday nights and she loves pancakes more than anything else, so it was an easy choice.

We came home, opened a few presents.  The two that we got her were boring (an alarm clock and a math game).  But she got some more frozen dolls from Papa and Nona.  She is now in heaven with all of her frozen dolls.

I felt a little guilty before not throwing her a party with her friends, but she felt loved and special and that's all that I really wanted for her.

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Amander N said...

Yay for Briz's day! She's such a cute little one.