Friday, December 26, 2014

Creation Station

One of my favorite afternoons of the month is when I get to volunteer in Brizzy's kindergarten classroom.  I would love to volunteer more, but babies aren't allowed, so I I try to enjoy my one time a month.  I get to supervise the kids in the Activity Center, where they paint, play with playdough, play pretend, and create random stuff in the Creation Station.  No shocker, Briz spends all of her time painting and at the Creation Station.  She is only allowed to paint one painting per visit, so she puts ridiculous amounts of paint on one paper, as to extend her painting time.

I love seeing how the kids interact in the classroom, and starting up random conversations.  And probably most of all, I love how much Briz loves me being there.  She treats me like I'm a celebrity, wanting to show me off to her friends.  I'm trying to enjoy that while I can cause I know it won't last long.

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