Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Hawaii III

More Hawaii!  But its the last one I promise.

I bought a few things to keep at my parents condo: floaties, tennis rackets, and this horrible football.  We all wanted to play catch but it was a sponge football that collected water and was so heavy you could hardly throw it.

This was how Wembley slept a lot on this trip.  Either during walks/runs, or by the pool.  She loved sleeping outside. 

Brizzy went on a couple runs with me.  But it's tough in Hawaii because you really have to go running by 8 am before it gets too hot.  It was tough for us to get out the door too early so Briz was a little hot on our runs.

I got so spoiled hanging with these two without having to work much.  They enjoyed some cuddle time.  That is, until Wembley puked a ton and Briz then, of course wanted nothing to do with her.

Early one morning, Briz and I went down to the beach and I took Briz snorkeling for the first time.  She loved it.  She kept squealing with delight.  Her favorite thing was finding the sea anemone.   She loved seeing the fish but got a little nervous when they got too close. 

We found the best ice cream on Maui just down the block from my parents place.  As you can tell, Briz enjoyed it.

One day, we followed Nick up closer to Lahaina to try to find bigger boogie boarding waves.  It ended up being a really rainy day at a pretty lame beach, but Wembley could not get enough salt.  We also made a local friend, a 4 year old boy, roaming around without any guardian.  He was a temporary part of our family that afternoon.

Brizzy and Milian (our Hawaiian friend) played volleyball for a while.  

A few days before we left, Papa and Nona arrived.  Briz was so excited to have them there; she was pretty sad after aunt Brittany left.

We went on a long walk/jog where Briz found some sea turtles.  She got a little tired towards the end and conned Papa into giving her a piggy back ride.

Watching daddy surf once again, waiting for her turn.

Getting ready to go for the second time.

It was a beautiful evening, watching my family surf.

Wembley was in the Phil and Ted giving me some funny looks.

Wembley loved playing with her Papa in Hawaii.

The night that Dad left (he left two days before us), we all went out to eat.  Briz was not pleased with me taking a picture of her.

We had some more pool time after Dad left.  Wembley is all giggles.

She just couldn't get enough water.

We had a red eye flight home.  People were giving me all kinds of looks like I was a crazy person for taking my two littles on a red eye.  Other than me not sleeping much, it ended up being a great flight.  Both girls slept most of the time, and I even got some compliments again :)  I can always use a little ego boost.

Wembley misses her naked time.

Briz wanted to take all of these flowers home and I had to explain to her about 5 times that they would wilt.

The day before we left, Grandpa Ainge and Grandpa Pam came.  Briz loved seeing them.  And I loved seeing them.  It's been a few years, and these two are both such wonderful people.  My grandpa is the most friendly, optimist person I know.  It's contagious.

"Unko Landon" also got in the day before we left, and it was fun hanging with him.  The girls love their uncle.

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Meredith said...

That looks so relaxing and fun. I could use some Hawaiian sun and winter just barely started.