Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun New Friends and Birthday Parties

Briz has made some new friends in her kindergarten class.  I get a chance to visit the class about twice a month and I love talking and listening to all of these cute kids.  Briz has been invited to some birthday parties of these new friends.

The first one was a real live tea party for Savannah.  The girls arrived, got to choose costumes, got their hair and makeup done.  They then did a fashion show in which Brizzy didn't want to participate.  They then had a tea party, complete with their own individualized tea set filled with "tea" (aka apple juice), grilled cheese and chicken nuggets.  

 Briz then attended another fun birthday party at an indoor playhouse for Lila.  It was frozen theme and Briz thoroughly enjoyed eating some frozen cupcakes.

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