Saturday, December 27, 2014

Hosting Thanksgiving

For Thanksgiving our cousins came into town from Seattle and it was so much fun!

Bri and I spent a lot of time cooking, while the kids played.  Everything they did, they had a blast.  I love seeing them play (and sometimes fight).

We made a Costco run a couple days before Thanksgiving.  We took all four girls and it was mayhem.  Of course the girls all insisted that we buy them elsa dolls.

They got to take the bubbliest bath ever.  It was a lot of giggles and a lot of water!

Wembley got a lot of love and attention from all of the big kids.  Portia is a pro at being the caretaker.

Thanksgiving morning, Nick, Ronell, and Palmer played in the turkey bowl.  I took all of the other kids to cheer them on.  Thatcher of course just dribbled the ball the whole time.

While Teya looked for worms.

Teya was thrilled when Brizzy decided to hold her hand after she got sad.  Teya was so proud of herself for cheering up her cousin.

They also worked as the cleanup crew.

It was my first time hosting.  I am so glad that Bri was there to spearhead the cooking.  It was a lot of work but a lot of fun.  

At the kids table, we put out little coloring/activity kids with craft paper, so they would be occupied for a little while.

I loved being able to use my China and new dining room.  I needed to borrow a lot of stuff from my mom to make it look complete and nice.

While boiling potatoes, the lid to the pot randomly shattered. We had to pick through the potatoes to find pieces of glass.  

We were joined by the Papworths.  The kids all love each other and had a blast.

Here is their finished artwork.

They ended the evening by watching Charlie Brown's thanksgiving,

And taking turns holding Wembley.

These are the times I am so glad that the Hughs live only a few hours away and that we have friends that live close.

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