Friday, May 15, 2015

Brizzy Turns 6

I can't believe my Brizzy is 6!  The thing that really scares me is that is 2 years away from being baptized and also that means she will in school full time this fall! I'm just not quite ready for her to be growing up.

She is at a really fun ager for her birthday and holidays, because she is VERY excited about them.  She has been talking about her birthday for months, and I just don't feel like that lasts very long so I really wanted her to feel special.  The morning of her birthday we had a playdate with her friend.  We went to a park, played and had a picnic. 

Wembley loves the swings.  She made a friend with a little 4 year old boy who insisted on pushing her.  Fine with me.

Briz' favorite thing is the monkey bars.  She sets these weird goals for herself and tries to see if she can do it.She then of course loves telling me about her blisters afterwards.

Blair was so sweet and brought her a balloon and donuts.  I also bought this birthday hat the dollar store and Briz wore it all day.

Except when she got to school and traded it for her special birthday crown.  As the birthday girl she got to be the line leader.

After school the library had a fairy party, so we went there, where we did a scavenger hunt, made a fairy wand and a fairy headband.

After the library, we got Chinese food (her request), and had papa nona and the papworths over for presents and cake and dessert.  Her very first present was this ginormous Elsa dress I found.  I sent her on a frozen scavenger hunt to find her first present.  She also got palace pets, rollerblades, a palace pets coloring book, and a sewing machine.  About halfway during presents she got this disgusted look on her face.  She looked like she was about to throw up.  She tried to be tough, and wanted cake and ice cream.  We had her frozen birthday cake but she didn't seem to be very excited about it because she was trying not to throw up.  She went to bed right away and in the middle of the night she finally threw up.  She seemed to be okay about a day later, after her fever broke and her stomach felt better.  It was very sad that she got sick on her birthday but she said she still had a great day.

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Amander N said...

So, I remember driving out to Daybreak to meet Briz for the first time. She was so little and SO adorable. One of the cutest newborns ever. And now she's six. Crazy.