Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Luau

Brizzy really wanted to have a frozen birthday party, which I was not very excited about.  I tried to keep my mouth shut until I started planning it.  And I realized it was going to be a huge pain. Luckily I was able to convince her after we got back from Hawaii to have a Luau instead.  She invited 7 friends and we were able to get our backyard clean enough to have it there.  Each girl got a grass skirt, a lei, and a hula hoop.  I thought they were all going to be very excited about their outfits, but some of them were definitely not.  I made these cute goodie bags with hula girl toys, sunglasses, bracelets, whistles, lots of cool stuff.  I wasn't even going to put candy in but then last minute added some butterfly gummies.  Well, turns out I forgot that it was sunny and hot and they all melted inside the goody bags and made everything sticky.  Nick spent most of the birthday party cleaning the goodie bags out.

We played a few games: badminton, bowling with coconuts, limbo, jump rope, colored with chalk, and played red rover. And the girls had snacks, cupcakes, and then we opened presents.  

It was the most fun to hear their little conversations.   Briz has some opinionated friends! :)  I'm so glad she got to celebrate and feel special.  It was fun having some of her friends over.  

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