Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Smotherer

Before Wembley was born, I often wondered how Briz would be with her little sister.  She had been so used to it being just Nick and I.  She often told us that she wanted a younger sibling but I still thought she would have a hard time.  Briz hasn't had a hard time. When we first had Wembley it was a crazy time.  I was recovering from a c section, had a baby that didn't eat, and we were moving and remodeling a house.  It was nuts.  I definitely felt like Briz missed her mom and dad then because we were always busy with something else.  But she has never had resentment or jealousy of her little sister.  Sometimes she loves her TOO much.  She is always kissing her, hugging her, trying to feed her, picking her up, trying to take care of her, play with her, read to her, you name it.  I love it but it also sometimes drives me a little crazy because more often than not Wembley is irritated and whines.  Wembley is very much her own independent little person, so she does not want to be messed with.  But even with the smothering and whining, I love watching these two.  Wembley gets so excited to see her big sister and Briz can't seem to get enough of her baby sister.  

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