Monday, May 11, 2015

Life through Art

Brizzy loves Art. She loves everything about it.  Coloring, painting, creating, you name it.  And its one of my favorite things about her.  She has always been able to keep herself occupied for hours because she will go into her own world and create.  I also love that its completely her. She definitely didn't get it from Nick nor I because neither of us are in any way artists.  I have a system of how I hold on Brizzys art.  Most of it I throw away (secretly) because there is WAY too much.  But we have two bulletin boards in her room that I am always changing out, and when its time to get rid of those I take pictures of them and throw them away.  I have kept a few but that's it.  Here are some of her pictures from the last few months.

She draws a lot of self portraits.  I'm not sure this is one, but if not, its most likely a friend or a princess.

She painted this one day on her own.  Whenever she has learned about something, she almost always will draw a picture of it.

She doesn't love coloring books as much as other things, she likes to create the picture rather than just color.  But when she does color, she is a perfectionist, as you can see from this picture.

She drew this one in her art class in the fall.  Once a week after school she stayed at her elementary school and learned a lot of cool things about art.  It was so cute to see her when she first started because they were mostly 3rd - 5th graders, and she walked in this brand new little kindergartner. I believe this is when they were learning how to draw the backs of people.

She loves to copy pictures in books.  And I should clarify, not trace or stencil, she just looks at the picture and draws what she sees.  

For this elephant drawing she practicing using different shapes in her art.

She loves to write notes with pictures.  Often if she is having a hard time, I encourage her to go draw how she feels.  I'm not exactly sure what this one says, something about me telling dad something she did.  

She also will draw things she learns at church, and she writes very sweet notes to Nick and I.  When she is doing art, that is probably when I am most likely to see her sweet side.   She loves to draw pictures of our family, particularly ones of Holland.  She always has a few things to bring with us when we visit her grave.  And she now loves writing notes and drawing pictures for Wembley.
I love this little artist and her unique talents.

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Amander N said...

I think it's so cool she's always been such an artist. I saw a cool book the other day where they scan all your kids art and put it into a photo book. Maybe you could make something like that for her? With volumes 1-200?