Tuesday, May 5, 2015

More Hawaii

My sister Sierra was the designated photographer of the trip, so I stole these from her.  Here are a few more of Hawaii.

After dinner one night, we all walked across the beach to play sand volleyball, but all of the courts were taken, so we just played at the park.  I love Hawaii because you can just walk around everywhere in your swimsuit.

Dubs loves her Papa.  A lot.  She freaks out, smiling, panting and kicking her legs when she sees him, so it was pretty awesome for her to be around him the whole week.

Briz loved having singing/dancing buddies wherever she went.  She went through cousin withdrawals when she came home.  

This is the cove where we went snorkeling.

One of the worst things about the beach is the sand up the bum.  Briz had piles of sand up there and it was quite an effort cleaning it out all of the time.  

Nick decided to be a good sport and let the kids bury him.  

Then it was Brizzy and Teya's turn.

We got looks everywhere we went because we were such a big group (and also very loud).

I don't have many pictures of me with my girls, so I'm glad Sisi took this.  I love Wembley's confident little pose.

All of the girl cousins minus Holland.

My Mom who was an awesome sport the whole time.

Another one of the whole gang at the beach.  I have no idea what Nick is doing here.

And Papa and Nona with all of their grandkids. I love these cute kids.

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