Thursday, May 14, 2015

Piano Practice

I got a new calling, which makes three.  I am a primary teacher, activity days leader, and I just got a thrid calling as the ward choir pianist.  Each calling itself isn't too bad, but the hardest part is just remember the random stuff I have to do.  I am happy to be practicing piano a little bit more.  I love playing, but just don't make it a priority with everything else there is to do.  I remember though when Briz was a baby that I made an effort to practice in front of her so she could hear music and watch me me play.  I'm happy to have Wembley hear me playing now.  She loves to come stand right up next to me and dance.  

1 comment:

Amander N said...

I can't believe you juggle three callings. So not cool.
And Wembley is so pretty.