Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Big 3-2

My birthday was a few weeks ago.  And I'm not saying this to be modest, but I really did not care one bit.  As always now for special occasions, I want some time to myself to do something that is relaxing.  I also want to spend time outside with my family.  That's pretty much it.  So Saturday, we went to Sauvie Island and met the Thaynes.  It was beautiful; I wanted to stay there for a few days.

My actual birthday was a Monday, which is a busy day with work, school, school, and soccer practice.  I worked most of the day, and attempted to read for a few minutes in my room as a present to myself.  Only lasted about 10 minutes.  Nick came home, quickly made some German Pancakes, then my parents took Briz to her soccer practice, while Nick and I went shopping.  Nick was very frustrated with me because there wasn't anything in particular I wanted so I didn't make the shopping very successful.  I think its just as fun to look as it is to buy!  I ended up buying a big kitchen pot, some cutting boards, some wrapping paper, and a small bluetooth speaker.  I keep trying to convince Nick to let me put my saved money towards travel :)

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Carly said...

Nick, let her put her birthday money towards travel!!