Monday, September 7, 2009

Baby Advice

I feel like I've done pretty well thus far in teaching Briz to be a good sleeper. Right now, she goes from about 8 -8:30 p.m. to 7 - 7:30 a.m.
But I'm running into trouble when it comes to nap time. I have to be honest, I have had a hard time being too strict with her about sleeping, because sometimes I still have a hard time gauging if she is in pain or just being demanding. She has recently gotten into the habit of waking up every 45 minutes during her naps. She takes 3 naps a day, all of which are generally around 1 hour and a half to 2 hours. But now she will wake up screaming. I want to teach her to self soothe and to put herself back to sleep, but it doesn't seem to work. She just cries harder and harder (and I generally will let her cry anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes). Unless she needs to throw up, she will pretty much be fine once I put her pacifier back in. But again, I hate that I have to do that, and I want her to be able to go for the full 2 hours by herself. Any suggestions?

She has started to love her tummy time recently. She scoots along on her tummy and does this swimming motion. And she has started rolling over, but her favorite place to do it is in her crib :)


Carly said...

Eh, I have no advice because I don't know anything about it. We are still working on getting Sadie to sleep in her crib all night. I basically let her do what she wants in terms of sleeping during the day. I put her in her crib when I see her getting sleepy and she'll sleep for 2 to 3 hours. It has nothing to do with my skills as a mother.

Jana said...

just give the cutie her PA. when she is old enough she will be able to take care of that herself. its hard to be strick with the first.

she is so sweet and still cant believe you're a mommy!

Jana said...

thought i would share my pitty for you as i looked at the picture of the man on the beach: my first thought was that it was nick! that would be a shame.

Tamara and Jonathan said...

I was shocked when I read how long Briz sleeps at night! I know sometimes fatter babies can go longer at night, but if she's that small still... maybe she needs to still be eating every 4-5 hours? Even at night. Don't your boobs kill you from going that long without nursing??? And as for naps, I'm not sure... I just took what I got and never let them "cry it out" until they were around 8 months old. She might just be transitioning to two naps a day? Not sure. My favorite, most recommended author is Dr. Sears. He has a great birth-to-age-2 book called "The Baby Book." Here's a link to some sleep info from his website:

Amander said...

No advice as I know nothing about babies.

But happy birthday, btw.

Tamara and Jonathan said...

So, reading what I wrote on that last post... I hope I don't sound like a turd! I was talking to my favorite cousin-in-law today and she mentioned something similar about her baby who is about the same age as Briz-- and she said that she thinks her baby is going through a growth spurt, and so needs to eat a LOT more during the day, especially as she's sleeping longer at night... was going for 10 hours but is back to 6 hours, just because during those growth spurts they need to eat like crazy. Same thing, only naps for like 45 minutes and wakes up STARVING. I always say, when in doubt, stick a boob in the baby's mouth, hahaha! ;)