Monday, September 28, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Now!

I couldn't get the Pampers commercial out of my head, but no, I am not potty training Briz yet.

She does seem to think she's a big girl these days though. She has started to sit up on her own. She props herself up with her arms and then eventually, very slowly, falls over to the side. But the other day she was sitting up by herself for a good 5 minutes.

She also holds her own bottle now too. And if she's very intent on holding it, she will swat my hand away when I try to help her. When I feed her rice cereal, she tries to grab the spoon to feed herself. I tried giving her a spoon to hold onto, so that she would think that she was feeding herself, but she wasn't fooled. She kept dropping the spoon I gave her, and would attack the spoon with the good stuff. If she can't grab the spoon, she'll put her hands in the cereal and shove it into her mouth. She can't wait the 2 seconds it takes to get from the spoon to her mouth. Apparently, I'm too slow!


Amander said...

Wait, when did she grow up so fast???

I need to see her again. Are you coming here for Thanksgiving or Christmas, perhaps?

That picture of her is just adorable.

Jordan & Brooke Brady said...

so so so cute!

Whitney and Seth Cottle said...

They get so big so fast!