Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Warning! Naked Pictures.

I am surprised at myself that I have yet to post naked pictures of Briz. Mostly because I think it's when she's at her cutest (as are most babies). Here are some pictures of her at 5 months. Yikes! She's getting so old.

Her tiny little tush and her little rolls. It's funny because she has these little rolls, but yet, is still the skinniest thing. It's like an old lady. Thought you would enjoy that nice mental image :)

Nick was very worried about me taking naked pictures of her. And I promised him that I wouldn't post them. But since he knows me too well, he felt it necessary to sensor this picture. Since his hand is GINORMOUS, it takes up about half her body. Freak!

Awww yeah . .. holding her own bottle and thinking that she's pretty cool.

Trying to shove all of her fingers in her mouth at the same time. A pretty regular thing for her.

After eating rice cereal. This was a fairly clean eating. Many times, its all in her eyelashes and her hair.

Mmm . . . this rice cereal is GOOD (Chris Farley SNL skit, anyone?)


Amander said...

SUCH a cutie! I love that Nick censored the pictures of her. Love her little rolls. Love that she gets so messy.

Don't love that I haven't seen her in so long. Can't wait until Thanksgiving!

Sammy said...

she is so freaking cute i can't wait to meet her... and see you of course :)

Carly said...

Lay off me I'm starving.

Can't wait for Briz and Sadie to meet.

Kera said...

Can't believe she holds her own bottle! Ethan still doesn't roll over ;)

Papworth's said...

She's getting so big! I won't let Will see those pictures, that would be inappropriate! I remember how much he loved his rice cereal too. It's so fun!