Sunday, November 8, 2015

Crazy Week

The week we got back from Utah, was absolute nuts.  A lot of it is my fault because sometimes I plan things and have a hard time accounting for other things, like cooking and cleaning.  The best part was that Monday, the day after we got back, I started to feel sick.  I worked all day Monday and Tuesday, while feeling sick.  Then I went to the Hozier concert Tuesday night.  

I finally went and saw a naturopath Wednesday night because I was tired of being sick and tired of my daughter telling me over and over again that its just a virus I needed to fight.  Her first inclination is that I have Post Viral Syndrome, which is the same as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.  Hadn't really thought of that, but when I looked up the symptoms, it seemed to fit pretty well.  I took a bunch of blood work to sort of rule out other possibilities, but we will see.

I found this out the day before the anniversary of Holland's death.  So the 22nd I felt horrible.  Her birthday I had mono and strep, and on "holly-day" was sick again.  It just sucked.  I was sad.

The day wasn't great, I just sort of felt like I was surviving.  I could hardly get out of the car to go to her grave.  But Nick, Briz, and Wembley enjoyed visiting her grave.  Briz wrote her a sweet note as usual.

My parents had visited earlier and my Mom arranged these beautiful flowers.

Amidst all of that, I was also planning the Holly Hoop that was to be that Saturday.  

After the Holly Hoop Landon and Jenn had their Oregon reception at my parents house.  My parents moved out of the house just a few days later.  One of the fun highlights of the night was seeing our old nanny, who was helping serve food.  We miss Claire!

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