Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween Week

I decided I am going to copy my friend Meredith in how she does her blog.  I have been getting behind, and I think doing it weekly will help me remember to get it done every week.  I have found that as I am taking pictures that I tend to take a lot of pictures of specific events but not a lot of our every day lives.  So I am going to try to be more on top of our every day stuff.

On Sunday, we finished putting away stuff from the Holly Hoop and got our baskets and gifts together to take over to Holly Bruno and the Bruno family.  We had bought stuff for Holly on the 22nd.  I forgot to take a picture of the stuff we got, but it was a lot more than usual because Nike donated a bunch of stuff for us to take along with us.  My favorite moment of bringing it over to them was seeing Holly's face light up at the presents.

I've been having to work in the early morning a little bit more than normal, so Nick will usually get the girls ready once a week.  Nick loves doing the girls hair in weird hairstyles, and this morning he decided to do two antenae pigtails on Dubs.

Monday night, Nick got tickets from Nike to go Frozen on Ice.  It was so fun to see how much the girls loved it.  I knew Bri would, but wasn't sure about how Dubs would be.  She loved it.  She didn't sit still much, mostly just dancing around and eating popcorn.  It was a really fun night.

And of course Briz had to wear her princess dress.

One of the highlights from this week: more mail for Tonya Harding.  This one was about a business venture, wanting her to invest.

Wednesday night we carved pumpkins.  It included a lot of crying and whining from Dubs.  Nothing unusual these days.

Nick gets serious about his Holiday crafts.  He pulled out the drill and was highly focused on his pumpkins.  He also had a Green Bay Packers pumpkin this year.

The stairs were as always a source of drama on Wednesday and most of the week.  I had her going down on her stomach for a while, but she got sick of that real fast.  Now she takes forever as she sits down and stands up to get down each step.  But it beats her standing at the top of the stairs and whining.  Such a stubborn little girl.

Briz was so excited to carve pumpkins only to be really let down by how gross the guts were.  She wasn't excited about that part at all.

Tuesday night, she lost her tooth while her babysitter was over.  She wrote a very specific note to the toothfairy making sure she could keep her tooth so she could show mom and dad, grandparents, and friends at school.

Thursday afternoon Brizzy's music class had an "informance," where we got to come and watch her in her environment.  I love going to her school to see Briz in action.  I also love being there with other parents.  It's so reassuring to know how many great parents that are out there and part of our school.

Thursday afternoon I drove carpool for dance class.  It wasn't raining, so Dubs and I spent the hour at the park.  She loves slides and swings.  That's where she wants to spend all of her time.


She gets really excited when she hears airplanes.  She signs it over and says it over and over again.

Thursday night, we met friends at the high school for trick or treating.  The classes were decorated.

Dubs' favorite one was hands down the Lego themed room.  She got to eat a cookie.  Case closed.

Brizzy and Blair came straight from dance class, so for this night they dressed up as ballerinas.

Friday night we had our Ward Trunk or Treat.  There was a big turnout which means chaos, but the girls had a blast.  It was pouring down rain so we did the trunk or treat inside.  More chaos.

Briz then had her last soccer game on Saturday.  It was her first year playing with all girls.  And they were a fun group of girls.  Briz improved significantly from the beginning and that was fun to see.

On her very last game it was pouring rain.  The field had a huge mud puddle in it.  Towards the end of the game, Briz did a full on wipe out face first in the mud puddle.  I sort of froze, not knowing what she would do, but she got up, all the girls stopped not sure what to do, but she just kicked the ball in for her second goal.  It was for sure a proud parent moment.  She walked right off and cried.  She was done after that.  She was still upset when the game ended, but I think after getting a lot of praise from the parents she recovered.  

Briz is a good little soccer player.  Her hardest thing is sometimes she gets scared of other players, particularly if they are big girls, and then she sort of hesitates.  Once she can get over that, she does really well.  She particularly loves showing off some fancy moves :)

These pictures are back from picture day.  I am cheap and didn't order soccer pictures, so I took these instead.  

Love this awkward 1st grade pose.

After her soccer game, we went straight to the church, and actually broke into the bathrooms so Briz could shower and get all of the mud off of her.  Will Papworth and Landon Bullock had their baptisms.  Briz is very interested in baptism and asks consistently how long until she gets baptized.  She has a countdown going.

That night we got dressed for trick or treating.  It again was pouring rain, but we decided to brave it anyways.  We met the Papworths during the trick or treating and we picked up a few neighborhood kids, so we had a big group.  Wembley LOVED trick or treating.  This was her third go round so she had it down.  She loved picking out the candy herself, and said thank you every time she got a piece of candy.  So cute.  She didn't care that it was pouring rain, she could have gone for hours.

Briz was done however pretty early on.  She was cold and wet.  But she recovered quickly and was pretty excited about her candy stash.


I have convinced Briz for the last 6 months to grow out her hair only so she could be Elsa.  It was worth the fancy braid with sparkles I think.

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