Monday, November 9, 2015

Holly Hoop 2015

October is a very weird month for me.  I feel like I am a bit all over the place.  I feel stress, tired, overwhelmed, happy, content, worried, all of it.  I feel like every emotion in the book, you could pack it into the month.  I love the Holiday season, but really am not excited about Winter coming.  I feel sad about the anniversary of Hollands death, but also feel love and comfort.  This year, throw on top of that going to Utah for my little bros wedding and getting sick a lot, and it made it even more weird.  As always, I am busy planning the Holly Hoop.  Nick and I were a lot more on top of things back in September, so I think I felt a little stressed about it, but the week before is always kind of crazy.  However stressed I get, the day of, it all seems to go away.  I feel gratitude that I get to remember my daughter in such a special way, and that we get to bring people together for a good purpose.  

This year was particularly special because we mixed it up a bit and we remembered Holly Bruno.  She is 8 and is one of my activity day girls in my ward.  In august she was diagnosed with a tumor and is undergoing treatments of radiation and chemo for 43 straight weeks.  This poor girl and her family are going through something brutal and it is heartbreaking to see.  So this year, we decided to support them.  

We had a bigger turnout than ever (just a little over 300 people).  It turned out to be a gorgeous day.

I only walked about half of the 5k because there was too much to do at the start and finish, plus I still wasn't feeling great.  But Nick ran with Briz and she ran the whole 5k.  Such a good little runner. 

Holly had a particularly hard week with treatments so I wasn't sure if she would be able to be there, but not only did she come, but she ran a bit.  

We had tons of volunteers from our friends, from high school students, and we invited a bunch of missionaries out.  Missionaries were out along the way cheering people on.  It was really powerful.  Even just typing about it makes me tear up, because it was such a special afternoon.

We had tee shirts that said, " I love Holly" and the heart was shaped with the phrase, "Love is everywhere."  This Saturday afternoon epitomized that phrase.  It was impossible to be there and not feel the love.  We had past families with children that have passed away come out, people from schools, from our church, neighbors . . .   It's a lot of work, but it makes me excited to feel like I can help create a powerful moment for some people.  Makes me feel grateful.


Meredith said...

300 people! That is awesome. I am so impressed with you guys. What an amazing way to remember Holly but serve others. The Holly Hoop is on my bucket list.

Amander N said...

What a wonderful turn out. I wish I could have been there this year. It was such a great experience last year. I loved being able to be with you guys for that event and to remember Holly.