Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lakeview Pumpkin Patch

Early October we headed out to Lakeview Pumpkin Patch.  Briz had a day off of school and I knew October was going to be crazy, so we decided to get it done early.  We actually didn't even buy pumpkins here, because they were on sale at a store near our house for $2 a pumpkin, so I opted for that instead.  Plus, I couldn't haul the pumpkins and carry Dubs.

This pumpkin patch was so awesome.  We started off with a train ride, which Briz was pretty excited about and Dubs was a little unsure of.

Briz has been wiggling her tooth for about a month straight because she wants it come out.  It sort of turned into a bad habit, so she can be found most of the time with this awesome pose.

We rode the train out to the pumpkins and they have some cool play stuff for kids.  I loved that we were out in the middle of nowhere.  

They had a little maze perfect for little kids.

Wembley thought it was fun to be running around with all of the big kids.

And then Briz got to ride a pony.  She was so excited I thought she might pee her pants.

She chose the horse Janie, and got to ride her for two whole songs!  She felt pretty special.

Briz found her new passion, horses.  She now says that when she gets older she wants to be a professional horse rider (hmm a jockey?), and she no longer wants to play basketball but ride horses instead.  I'm not gonna lie, as a horse lover myself, I love this.  I don't, however, love how expensive horseback riding is, so I will keep delaying her as much as possible.

We then rode a cool boat back from the pumpkins.

On the ride home, they had a pumpkin headed man in a boat that got attacked by a shark, and then also some dragons that popped out of the water.  

We then did some face painting.  Briz was devastated when we had to take a bath and clean this off.

And of course, my favorite part, a big ol bag of Kettle Corn.  I snuck it into a movie that night, and the ticket checker person checked my bag and saw the massive bag.  I felt like I was 12.  But hey, she didn't take it away, and Nick and I got to munch on it while watching The Martian.

This was a really fun day with my girls.  No whining, crying, fighting.  It's probably cause I sort of spoiled them, but its fun to do it every once in a while.  I'm normally so stingy that it kind of feels good as long as we don't make it a regular thing.  

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