Thursday, November 12, 2015

Post Halloween

The next week was a little rough recovering from Daylight Savings and Halloween, but the girls did better than I expected.  I think the fact that I wasn't sick, and we weren't doing Holly Hoop stuff made it seem not too stressful.

On Tuesday, I cut my hair and colored it.  I hate taking selfies but I knew if I didn't I wouldn't capture the haircut.  I'm really happy with it.  I originally thought I would want to go lighter, but I like the darker.  Although I don't like spending the money, its kind of fun having creative possibilities with my hair.  

I have tried to take Wembley to story time every other week.  It hasn't gone so well.  I normally only stay for about 20 minutes tops because she can't handle it.  But this week, we lasted about 45 minutes.  The last few minutes however, she couldn't handle it.  I feel like I am sweating trying to chase her around and get her to behave/sit still a little bit.  I want to take her cause I think its good for her to see other little toddlers sitting still and listening to stories, but not sure how consistent we will keep going.  

They always do cute little dances and songs and she loves that part of it.  Here, she had her egg shakers in hand, and thought she was pretty cool.

She does love books, she just has a really short attention span with them.  

And the best part is the bubbles. 

On Wednesday, I took Briz to get her hair cut.  I used to cut it myself, but I just think it would be too hard with Wembley being the mischievous kid she is.  Briz has been waiting to get her hair cut.  I was hoping she would forget because I have liked her longer hair.  But there are always tears with combing, so I gave in.  After I cut my hair she told me she wanted her hair just like me :)  I had them cut it a bit shorter.  And I forgot to get an after picture.

On Thursday, we enjoyed the beautiful fall weather by spending a lot of time outside.  Normally, when I'm outside its cause I'm working while the girls are playing.  But I was too tired to work, so I just walked around and explored with Wembley.

We have leaves everywhere!  But the trees are beautiful right now.  I love the NW in the fall.

We ventured out in the afternoon to get Briz from the bus.  I love this cute little coat we inherited.

And this is the face she makes when she is excited about something.

On Saturday, the crappy weather came back.  But we needed to do yard work, so we got the girls bundled up and then continued to stay out in the rain.  Nick did some finishing up on projects in the backyard and I mowed/raked leaves for about 3 hours.  Literally two hours after I raked 4 bags worth of leaves, our lawn was covered in leaves.  Ah!  

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Amander N said...

I LOVE your hair. LOVE.