Saturday, November 7, 2015

Lanny's Wedding

I took a few pictures of Landon's wedding.  Not a ton, because I was wrangling Dubs most of the time, but some, and for some reason, they won't upload to my computer.  Sometimes I hate technology.  I got a few random pictures to show up, not really sure how, but here they are.  

It was a long, but wonderful day.  It was beautiful weather!  So much so that a lot of the trees in the canyon had already died.  They got married on Thursday morning at the Bountiful temple.  It was so great to see my little brother and Jenn in the sealing room.  They looked so peaceful and so prepared.  The sealing was simple but inspiring.  We had a long break, where we hung out at Jenn's parents house in Kaysville.  And then we headed up to the reception.  The reception was at Snowbasin and it was gorgeous!  I'm not sure I've been to a reception venue that nice.  They had an extremely delicious meal, with a program.  We all got to give gifts to our new in law, something that represented our sibling.  It was a fun chance to make fun of Landon and he took it in stride.  And then of course, Landon turned it into a party.  They danced for a couple hours, but Landon started it off with a really funny choreographed routine, complete with a Michael Jackson hat of course.  Brizzy LOVED dancing in the middle of the circle, particularly when the Whip Nae Nae came on.

The weekend was also my first chance at meeting little Harrison.  He is such a cute, smilie little boy.  I didn't get to spend quite enough time with him, but we will see him at Christmas and I'm excited!

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Amander N said...

This looked like such a beautiful wedding from start to finish! Your whole family looked great!