Saturday, January 17, 2015

Busy gal

December was a bit of a whirlwind.  We were extremely busy, but perhaps the most busy person of us all was Briz.  She had a blast the whole month.

We had two Christmas parties in our ward.  First an adult one, and then one that was geared towards the kids.  We had a really scrumptious breakfast and then the kids put on a talent show.  Briz danced with her friends Emi and Blair to the nutcracker.  And then Santa came!

Briz and Piper tagged along with their moms to a Cage the Elephant concert.  It was such a fun show.  Briz was very into it.  They had fun dancing together and sitting on our shoulders.

Love doing fun things like this with her.  When she doesn't have an attitude, we are great pals.

Briz went to Lila's - a new friend from school - Frozen birthday party.

She sang with some friends at a retirement home.

We had some more playdates.  Here are Briz and Blair doing some fingerpainting.

We went over to the Marsh's for dinner and gingerbread decorating.  They underestimated Nick's intensity when it comes to creating/decorating gingerbread houses.  He was in his own world while I helped Briz and played with the kiddos.

A couple days before Christmas, Brizzy met 5 friends at the Nutcracker.  I was really bummed that there was no orchestra but either way Briz loved it.  During the second half, her and Briz kept trying to figure out which one was the sugarplum fairy.  And at one point Briz got up and started dancing along.  

This is perhaps my favorite pose.  The classic junior high dance pose.  Briz is obviously the boy.  She's got the stance down.

We hung out with friends a lot.  And during that time Wembley of course got harassed.  She's a bit of a wimp so I think it's good for her.    Everyone takes turns holding her, tickling her, talking to her extremely close up.  Briz truthfully doesn't bug her too much, so Wembley isn't used to it.  

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