Monday, January 19, 2015

Christmas 2014

This was our first Christmas home and we were pretty excited.  

Christmas Eve was spent getting everything ready for christmas and for our trip to Utah.  

We visited Holland's grave Christmas Eve.  It was the most emotional I've been visiting her in a while.  I was thinking a lot about how much I missed her this Christmas.  It seemed like just being home and having two little girls I was more focused on our family and her absence was really felt.  I think also just having a baby at Christmas reminded me that I never got to have a Christmas with her.  Now, thinking about it, it seems almost silly from an eternal perspective.  But in the moment and with the Holiday season I really felt it.  

Wembley got sick Christmas Eve.  It was so sad.  It was her first time being sick and I was pretty nervous about it.  Right before she went to bed, she vomited.  Her tendency to be dramatic combined with her choking habits made it a scary moment.  But about 30 seconds after she was smiling and giggling.  

This is our living room all decorated Christmas Eve.

Briz slept in until about 7:45 and had already gone downstairs to peak at all of the presents before she came and woke us up.

Brizzy really had three stockings to open: hers, Hollands, and Wembleys.  It took us a LONG time to open presents because we forced her to take her time.

One of Wembley's favorite presents.  A onesie that said: "Ah good sir, I do believe I shat in my pantaloons."  That Santa has a great sense of humor.

Wembley actually enjoyed her stocking much more than I thought she would.  She wanted to play/chew on everything.  She thought the whole thing was really fun.

This picture made all of Nick's family laugh.  Briz looks like a giant elf in this picture.  While she really is growing like a weed, this Christmas tree is just small.  

By that evening, Wembley was feeling much better.  

Papa and Nona came over late morning and watched Briz open up some presents.  We then had a big breakfast.  We quickly headed off to Uncle Mark and Aunt Susie's for some more food and a game of bunco.  We then went home and got ready for the long haul to Utah.

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Amander N said...

Your house looks so pretty and Christmas-y! What a fun first year in your new house.

And sweet Holland - it's interesting how grief changes as the years go on. Love that little girl.