Saturday, January 24, 2015

Packers Packers They're Our Guys

So Nick is an avid Packers fan.  Other than the similarities to Oregon's green and yellow, it's a bit random.  He has a long story about when and why it all happened.  But he used to love Favre.  For a while he tried to convince me to add Favre to our baby names list.  Yeah, my thoughts, exactly.  He has turned Briz also into an avid Packers fan.  In particular, an Aaron Rodgers fan. Nick has convinced Brizzy that he and Aaron are best friends.  And whenever Briz is watching the game, she pretty much only cares about finding "Aaron."  They watch a lot of games together.  And whenever Dad is cheering for them, Briz runs and puts on her Packers jersey.

The Packers played the Seahawks for the NFC Championship and it was sort of an amazing chance for Nick to see his team live for fairly cheap (at least in comparison to traveling to Lambo).  So he went by himself.  He got a seat right behind the Seahawks, so he was the only Packers fan in sight.  They were amazing seats, but he did have to endure Seahawks fans yelling in his ear the whole time about 50% of which involved the f word.  This sounds horrible to me, but Nick loved it, particularly since they were up most of the game.  The last 5 minutes of the game was horrible (exciting if you're a seattle fan), and somehow the Pack were defeated.  Nick was a bit depressed driving home, and Briz just kept walking around saying, "I'm so mad!"  But either way, it was a fun season and hopefully next year will be just as exciting.  

I should note that this last week of football in general sucked for our family, with the Ducks getting completely stomped on in the championship game.  It was good though cause I was ready to say goodbye to football for a while after this week.

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Amander N said...

I saw his pictures there - I had wondered who he had gone with. Good for him for going alone - that's a true fan.