Thursday, January 22, 2015

We've only just begun

Basketball season has started and I have to say I am already feeling a little bit overwhelmed with scheduling.  That is just wrong.  I have a 5 year old.  I probably put her in too many things and now that I have a baby and a big mortgage and I am much more aware of it all.  Nick and I are constantly trying to decide what we have the time, money, and energy for.  And how do you decide?  Do you let the kid pick what they want to do?  Do you decide for them?  Basketball was one thing that Brizzy really wanted to do, so that was an easy one.  But she has been asking to play baseball in the spring but we decided that we are going to postpone that one.   I know, I know, first world problems.  But I really want to give her all of the opportunities in the world.  And once she has tried something and decides she doesn't like it, then I am fine giving it up.  But problem is she seems to like everything she does.   

So basketball has started.  Nick decided that he wanted to coach mostly because she was tired of watching other people do a bad job coaching Brizzy.  They have a team of 9 boys and Briz.  It's good for her.  Every week so far we have told her to be more tough with the boys.  She gets very self conscious around boys and isn't her normal competitive self, so that's really what I want her to work on.  But she is one of the tallest on the team (she is growing like a weed!), and has done pretty well so far.  She plays basketball in our cul de sac ALL of the time.  And all of our old men neighbors are constantly talking about her "game."  Its pretty funny.

Nick does such a great job coaching.  The kids love him and think he's so cool.  And he tells them the word "fundamentals" about a bazillion times during practice.  We are excited for this season, to watch little Briz grow and learn some new things. 


Carly said...

You definitely have her in too much stuff if you are feeling overwhelmed! I decided until they are 8 I will only put my kids in 1 thing at a time. Then after that they can do 1 sport and 1 instrument at a time. We will see how that goes. What else do you have Brizzy in?

Amander N said...

Busy Bee Brizzy. She's so cute in all of her activities.

Nickandlexie Cottle said...

Carly - I have her in basketball and dance right now. Not too bad, each one is only once a week. But then in February she starts swim lessons. It's not so much her schedule as it just our schedules combined. If I had three kids in activities and felt this way it would probably feel normal, but I think its weird to only have one!