Saturday, January 24, 2015

Happy Moments in January

January has been a great month so far.  Other than Wembley teething and being a really big wimp, out football teams losing, and Briz getting sick, I'd say it's been a success.

Nick and I got tickets to go see Demetri Martin.  He is one of our favorite comedians, and we just sort of stumbled upon seeing he was performing at this small comedy club in Portland.  It was a late night for a Wednesday, but well worth it.  Not only was he hilarious but Nick got to sit next to a drag queen.

It has been really sunny and really warm (mid 50's).  I can't complain.  It's been so nice that I started running outside.  Usually it isn' until end of February that I'm wanting to run outside here.  But its been wonderful.

We've been riding bikes, going for walks, playing some b-ball.  Wembley thought she was pretty awesome with the b-ball.

We love our little walks every day when we walk Briz to school.  It's short but nice to get outside and watch big Sister get so excited to jump on the bus.  I love this age.  I don't ever want her to go to first grade!

And of course, bath time always shows us a good time.  Wembley has started doing funny things in the bath.  She wants to sit up like a big kid, so she will do this like sit up stance in her bath chair, until she gets too tired and gives up.

She has been turning sideways and putting her face in the water.  She will just sit there and chat with me for a long time.

I love her scowl.  One of her Ainge traits.

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