Wednesday, January 14, 2015


One day we decided to join dad for lunch.  We of course went to Brizzy's favorite restaurant, "Red Robins."  

Then after, we went and cut Brizzys hair.  I normally cut her hair myself but I had a $6 coupon for Great Clips.  I was really bugged because they cut it much too similar to a mullet then I would have liked.  She cut it short in the front and longer in the background.  I should have just cut it myself.

So I did.  I cut off a bit more and tried to get more of the A line bob that I wanted.   I have now learned my lesson.  Sometime cheap is just not worth it.

She has been begging me to cut her hair for a few months now, and I finally gave in.

Brizzy loved her scarf for the month of December.  She wore it all of the time.


Meredith said...

I love her haircut! I am impressed that you could fix it.

Amander N said...

I LOVE her hair short. It's so cute. My favorite on her.