Monday, September 14, 2015

Friends and Money

Brizzy was desperate to have a last play date before school started.  She has had sort of a crush on her friend Chase since last year.  She gets all nervous and smiley when we mention his name.  And last year she revealed that she had thought about kissing him.  But apparently, the kissing thoughts are gone, and she's back to being his friend.  He came over for a playdate, and these little business people wanted to make money, so they set up the lemonade stand.  Briz was slightly disappointed that she didn't make as much money as last year.

Briz has been much more aware of money lately, and as a parent its a bit of pain.  We have a chore chart for her on the fride, and she puts an x for every day that she finishes a chore.  At the end of the week she adds up her x's and that's how much cents she gets.  It's worked great for the last year, but she just recently has started to understand the value of a dollar, and keeps explaining that she will never be able to save money for stuff when she makes 15 cents a week.   She earned money to pay for half a bike recently, but that was saved for over a year, and most of it was contributions from grandparents.  So she has a valid point.  We recently decided to give her a raise and she can earn 2 cents for every chore.  Its hard trying to decide how to incentivize without spoiling and enabling.  I'm sure we will continue to tweak it.  I want her to understand that there are rewards for hard work, and I also want her to understand money management.  But inflation is gonna kill me as a parent.  I just read somewhere that the average price for a tooth from the tooth fairy is $4!!!!! WHAT?!  

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