Thursday, September 17, 2015

Soccer Begins, Summer Ends

Briz had her first soccer game on Saturday.  We have been working on being aggressive.  She tends to get nervous and will just run around and near the ball rather than going to kick it.  She had done awesome in practice and was trying really hard to kick it a lot, but the game came, and it was quite frustrating to watch her.  And I am totally one of those moms.  I had lectured Nick before the game that we needed to only say positive things and give her praise because she is really hard on herself, and I wanted it to be a positive experience.  I couldn't take my own advice.  I wasn't yelling mean things, but just a lot of, "Go get the ball Briz!"  "Be aggressive!"  Things like that.  

She ended up scoring a goal, so all was good in her mind. I was proud of her, and loved watching her celebrate; she acted like she won the Olympic Gold Medal.  Totally Brandy Chastain style, minus the shirt up over her head.  But a lot of fist pumps and jumping in the air.

After soccer, we headed to Sauvie Island to meet the Thaynes.  I hadn't gone this summer and wanted to really badly.  It was so fun!  There were tons of sailboats in the background floating down the river, and it made me want to go sailing.   I could stay on Sauvie Island for days, picking produce, going to the beach, and bike riding.  

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Amander N said...

I love it. I would be the mom that was like, "don't be aggressive, who cares who wins!"

And that island sounds delightful.