Thursday, September 3, 2015

Oaks Park

Megan invited us to join them at Oaks Park on a Friday, and we hadn't been yet this summer so of course we said yes!  Briz enrolls in a reading program at the library in the summer, and at the end gets a bunch of coupons for stuff.  One of the coupons is for Oaks Park, so she was excited to be able to use it.

It was weird to think about going last summer because Wembley was just a newborn.  But this summer, she wanted to walk everywhere, and I made her go on a few rides.  She was very nervous about it, and I'm not gonna lie, there were a few times I was freaking out, because it just didn't seem right she could go on the ride by herself.  But she did fine.  And I enjoyed laughing at her really nervous face.

Briz and Piper were excited to go on every ride.  Love this age.

Briz and Wembley got to go together on this car ride, and Briz was being protective of her big sister, but I'm not sure it helped.

Briz decided she wanted to go on this very grown up ride by herself.  Again, I was freaking out a little bit.  But she didn't seem scared at all.

She then wanted to go on the scrambler all by herself.  She was just giggling the whole time.

She loved this kiddy roller coaster and wanted to go on it over and over again.  She thinks she is pretty cool when she puts her hands up while riding.

After the roller coasters, we decided to try roller skating.  I couldn't join Briz because I had Wembley, but Briz braved it all by herself.  I really was proud of her, because it was her first time and she was surrounded by a lot of much older people all zooming past her.  She fell HARD a few times, but she got right back up and kept inching around.  

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