Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Playdates and such

Dubs continues to be awesome and crazy all at the same time.  She refuses to hold still.  Refuses.  But she is so happy and she sleeps like a champ.  

This picture is from when she slept in until 10:30 a.m.  She frequently does that.  If only I knew so that I could plan my schedule accordingly.

We have started to do more playdates.  She sucks at sharing big time, so we are continuing to work on that.  Look at her eyeing her buddy's bottle in this picture.  She can't take her eyes off of it.

She is also starting to play with kids a little bit older.  Cate is probably her best big kid friend.  Cate is 2, and loves to help take care of Wembley.  And Wembley will follow Cate anywhere.  These two are going to get into some serious trouble.  The other day we found Cate feeding Wembley hot tamales, and then she led her into a bunch of thorns.  Hahaha.  Little trouble makers.

We met another big 2 year old friend at the temple for story time at the Visitors Center.  These two loved just wandering around the temple grounds and exploring.  Wembley really really wanted to go swimming in the fountains though.  I don't blame her.  It was a warm day and it looked like it could be fun.

Her favorite thing is to walk around.  Nonstop walking and climbing.  So I end up doing a lot of chasing.  

We went to the doctor for her 15 month appointment, which she hated.  She loved the nurse and doctor until they tried to touch her, and then she turned red and screamed.  I felt only a little bad, but mostly thought it was funny how dramatic she was.  After about 2 seconds of having her shots, and then me holding her.  She was perfectly fine.  She waddled out of the doctors office smiling and saying hi to everyone.  We are so happy she's growing.  She's in the 80th percentile for height, 50th for weight, and 50th for head size.  She can finally wear some 18 month clothes, which I'm ecstatic about because I have a ton of summer 18 month clothes.  

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Amander N said...

I love her. And she's growing so much! And I'm so jealous of her sleep. Zeke has slept past 8:00 exactly two times. Often he's up in the 6 am hour.