Sunday, June 28, 2015

On Year Old Pictures

I have never had professional pictures taken since my kids have been born.  Partially its because I can take some decent enough pictures myself.  But I have recently decided that I want ones that are a bit nicer and plus I no longer have time to take nice pictures, since work is so busy.  I really wanted newborn pics of Wembley but was unable to find someone that I liked enough that wasn't ridiculously expensive.  

Enter my friend Dionne.  She just moved into my ward a few months ago, and she is an excellent photographer.  I didn't get newborn pics, but I did get some one year old pictures taken.  

Wembley was a bit of a stinker because she hates sitting still and the photo shoot went into her naptime.  But Dionne did such a great job capturing some awesome shots.    Here they are . . .

This last one makes me laugh.  She looks so chubby and grumpy.

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