Friday, June 12, 2015

McCall Callin'

Every year on Memorial Day I am frustrated because I am ready for summer and wanting to do something fun, but most of the time it's raining.  Last year was an exception but I was extremely pregnant so I couldn't really take advantage of the sunshine.  This year, I decided I would do something about it.  So Carly and I decided to meet in McCall, Idaho for a fun weekend.  We have a pact to get together with our kids every four years, and we were overdue by a year (having babies sort of got in the way). Carly's aunt and uncle were generous enough to let us use their cabin, and it was so much fun.

Briz had to bring along all of her little stuffed animals for the car ride.

She started out taking care of Wembley (but it didn't last very long).

I love the sweet moments between these two.  Normally, even when Briz is trying to be sweet, Wembley cries and wants to be left alone.

The drive was beautiful.  We must have seen 5 rainbows along the way, and yes we even saw a double rainbow!

Briz was SO excited to have playmates.  She is still convinced that Sadie and Elise are her cousins.  I don't really correct her, cause well, they pretty much are.

They spent a lot of time playing outside, and in the dirt.

Elise in particular enjoyed picking flowers.

The first afternoon after we got there, Nick and Daniel took the big girls on a walk to the lake.  

Carly and I met them there and had a picnic.

Later that afternoon, we went on a hike.  I had researched it out and thought I found one that ended up at a small lake.  I was wrong.  We hiked for a while and no lake.  But we still had fun.  The girls found a "cave" and Briz is making a "scared" face in this picture.

It was a beautiful hike.

The girls all did awesome.  Elise was a champ until the last few minutes when she got a really bad cut on her stomach from a log.

And Nick and Daniel spent a while pushing down a tree.  Carly was really mad at me that I didn't get video.  We also really wanted to write "Idiots" in the dirt, reminiscent of them digging a giant hole on the beach in Mexico.

Sadie and Nick became particularly close.  At one point, Nick was trying to attack me and Briz.  We were running around wrestling and Sadie just stopped, smiled at us, and said to me, "I'm really glad you married him."  Briz doesn't cuddle with Nick as much as he would like, so he took advantage of Sadie's willingness to be near him.

Loved watching the girls play pretend outside.

The second day, we went to the Hot Springs.  They were . . . interesting.  Some good people watching for sure.  And Wembley as usual liked eating the sand.

Nick was really grossed out by the water.  I don't blame him.

The third day we headed over to the beach at the lake.  We had a blast but then a rain storm came.  We tried to make the girls wait it out, but it didn't stop so we headed home.

Before the rain came, the girls had a blast playing in the sand.  Brizzy directed Elise in how to make her a mermaid.

It was fun watching the little babes hang out.  Camille liked to share food with Wembley.

The last night, we all went out to eat at this really laid back pizza place.  

We then went and got some ice cream.  Nick gave Dubs her first taste of ice cream.

And she freaked out.

It was a great weekend with some great people.  It always makes me sad we don't live closer but I feel really lucky that we get to see them fairly frequently since we go to Utah quite a bit.  Until 2018!

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