Monday, June 8, 2015

Spring Dance Recital

Briz had her spring dance recital.  I have to say, I was MUCH more entertained than her Christmas recital.  I went to her Christmas recital twice, and the second round, I wasn't feeling very optimistic about sitting through it twice.  But this time I wanted to watch it over and over again.  It was so cute.  I loved seeing Brizzy's progress not only with her dance moves but with her confidence on stage.

Each recital is specific to each dance class.  So Brizzy's dance class was all little 4, 5, and 6 year olds.   And they performed about 10 songs.  They change costumes about 5 times.  And they do little songs in between.  I love it. 

The theme was a Cruise Ship.  They sang Good Ship Lollip and they did a special song with their own musical instruments.

Then they stopped in tropical paradise and Briz performed her favorite song, "Hawaiian Rollercoaster."  She loves this one!  

They brought all of the parents out and danced with us.  

Wembley was very excited about the recital as you can tell.

They had some funny skits where they acted out different cruise ship activities.  When I explained this to our friend Carly, she asked if any of the kids were gambling.  Hahaha.  I wish they would have.  But Brizzy stole the skit with her power walking abilities.  It was fun to see her be so comical.  

They sang a pirate song and did a Pirates of the Caribean dance.  They loved shouting "Charge!" a bunch of times.

They danced to "Be our Guest" with fake food.  So cute.

There were a few more but I didn't document all of them because I was wrestling with a baby.  I love Miss Heidi and this dance class.  I'm not cut out to be a dance mom, so this is perfect for me.  Cheap and low key.  

After her dance recital she insisted on wearing her dance hat to school (which was her gift from Miss Heidi).

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