Sunday, June 28, 2015

So Long Kindy

Briz and I both had mixed feelings about the end of kindergarten.  She was very excited to be a first grader, to be a big kid and eat lunch at school.  But she was sad about saying good-bye to her teacher and to her classmates.  I felt like this year went by way too fast.  Its fun to see her grow, but I am so sad that she will be gone at school all day this fall.  

Briz had her kindergarten graduation.  It was a little ridiculous that they had a big celebration for going to kindergarten, but Briz was excited so we pretended to be excited.

She had to take a selfie with her school tee shirt.  

They sang some cute songs and wore their official graduation caps.

Dubs of course dodged her Dad's kisses the whole time.  It's what she does best.

Nick with his girls.

Briz with her bestie, Blair.  These two girls have been peas in a pod all year.  

And Briz worshipped her teacher, Mrs. Borrelli.  She was sad saying good-bye to her teacher.

This is the day after graduation, her last time getting on the afternoon bus.  

She was excited, but I was very sad.  It sort of hit me right as she got on the bus and I was trying to hold back tears.  I couldn't believe 9 months ago I had a kindergartner; not sure where the time went!

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