Thursday, June 11, 2015

Yard Work

Nick and his infamous stump.  Nick has pulled out probably at least 10 trees and stumps from our yard.  But this one was a doozy.  It took him off and on probably about 4 weeks.  But while I was away in Utah and he had a weekend to himself, he finally finished it!  He also built me a garden box and got it all ready.  I started some veges but am excited to do more.  

We have been working in our yard a ton the last month or so.  It's exciting but tiring, and overwhelming.  Our list of things to do is quite long and I get impatient.  I finished powerwashing every patio/sidewalk surface.  It took a long time but made a huge difference.

We've been spending family time at Home Depot.  Briz and Wems loves to eat the wood.

We ordered a ton of new mulch and spent one saturday spreading it out everywhere.  It's starting to come around.

And we have been doing some extra watering with our pool parties.  I always tell Nick I just want to enjoy my yard, have it be a fun, pretty place.  There is nothing better than the nw when its sunny and I want to enjoy it.

I stole some roses from one of my parents properties and started a rose garden.  They are struggling but I have faith.

I love flowers in my house so I need these to survive.

We have done a few more things that I haven't posted but maybe in a month I will post again.  Nick and I keep talking about how one day it will be nice when all we have to do is maintain our yard :)

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