Friday, July 3, 2015

Epic 2015

Running in an Epic Relay is a lot like pregnant/labor.  I go through it, think I'm crazy for doing it, but then I obviously forget because I keep doing it.  

I had signed up a while ago to run and had a bit of a rough experience training.  I got diagnosed with Bronchitis in February, and also discovered I had clogged airways.  I have been taking an inhaler since February, but kept running, figured that it couldn't hurt that bad.  Wrong.  I kept getting worse until I get to May and feel worse.  Towards the end of May I got diagnosed with Pneumonia, and my doctor told me to stop running.  Oops.  I gave it up for a couple weeks, but was determined to run in the race.  I never felt like I could really push myself too hard while training though, so I ran a lot slower than I would have liked to.  But hey, I did it.

This my fuel after the first day.  I've never gotten more than 7000 fuel and that was when I was training for a half marathon.

My middle leg was by far the worst.  It was 8.6 miles and at 6 p.m. which sounds like it might be nice in theory, but no, its the hottest time of the day in Portland.  It wasn't too hot here, only about 75 when I ran.  But there was not much shade and it felt really hot out there on the pavement.

I've never been happier that something was over when I finished my middle leg.  I came in and immediately collapsed.  

My first leg was much more pleasant.  3.7 miles with a good amount of downhill, at 9 a.m.  Partly cloudly and like 70.  Perfect.  Except I am an idiot and got lost for about a half a mile.  

When I finished my final and third leg, I was very happy.  

My third leg was 4.3 miles and I ran at 4 a.m.  It was a wonderful time to run, the sun hadn't come up yet, and it was dark starting out.  I lost a lot of steam the last two miles, my lack of food and sleep started to catch up with me.

I went with Chelsea, Amber, Aimee, and Raina in Van #1.  They were so fun and easy to be around.

The whole team of Run Like a Girl at the finish.

Feels good to have done it and I'm glad to do things like this to push myself.

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Amander N said...

You are awesome. That's all.