Friday, July 31, 2015

July Adventures

Our adventures and fun has continued.  I have LOVED Summer this year.  I don't want it to end.  I get angry at anyone that starts talking about back to school stuff. Nope.  Not yet.

We had some play dates.  This happened to occur on a rainy/cloudy day, so we switched our outdoor plans and did some fun indoor activities: painting with cotton balls, and building structures with toothpicks.  I always seem to be able to think of a lot of fun indoor activities when its summer, but come fall, I know I will draw a blank (I've started writing everything down to try to help).

One afternoon we explored a new park, Sellwood Park.  It's awesome.  Bike trails, the river, baseball fields, playground, tennis court, and swimming pool.  Plus, beautiful views of Portland.  I wish I had been more prepared and brought more stuff so we could stay there all day.

I love Portland and the Willamette.  It's so beautiful and so unique.  This is right across the river from Holland's cemetery.

You can't tell in this picture but there is a beautiful view of the West Hills and downtown.

Wembleys favorite thing at the park continues to be the swings.  She will often sigh as she swings.  Just perfectly content.

We have also continued to visit the library, often with friends.  This was a comedy/magic show.  I love watching my girls giggle with friends.  And even more I love it when its free!

I love the library, but my fines have also really started to pile up.  How do people do it with lots of kids?  I can't seem to keep track of my books!

Wembley usually likes climbing on things at the library and knocking over books.  It's an adventure with her there, but there is a lot of space for her to walk and roam.

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