Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Final Post Utah

Our second to last day we went bowling and met some family members there.  Bowling is always fun with the Cottles/Barneys.  They turn it into a party.

Briz loves bowling.  But she is way too competitive.  She gets really upset when others beat her and I have no patience for the whining.  She is such a little perfectionist, sometimes it worries me a lot.  She happens to be the worst when she is really tired (which was she was).

Wembley loved bowling, but as always wanted to be part of the action.  We were constantly chasing her around as she was getting in the way of everyone.  

Her and Kenzie thought the balls were pretty cool.  I loved watching these two play.

The next day we went on a nice bike ride, went swimming, and got ready to drive home.  We didn't stop this time on the drive, and Briz did great, but Wembley was not a big fan.  She still did pretty well, but the last few hours she was done.  I don't really blame her, having to stare at the back of the seat for 12 hours would be tough, particularly when you're as social as she is.

Briz took this picture of me while we were driving.  I am tired and we had just barely stared the drive (Maybe its because I stayed up until 1 a.m. playing games.  Duh.)

Wembley loves to pester Briz while driving.  Briz gets tired of it and complains that Wembley is scratching her, kicking her, etc.  I've tried moving their car seats apart but then Wembley gets bored and Briz can't help.  Big dilemmas.

At the end of the day they love each other a lot, and make each other giggle.  We survived the drive and made it home.  

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