Saturday, July 18, 2015

The 4th

The morning of the 4th we woke up bright and early and went to run the 10k riverton race.  A few family members ran the 5k and Briz ran the mile with Grandma Julie.  I had asked Carly to run in a 10k with me a few months back, but she was much more more prepare than I am.  She did awesome running 9 minute miles, while I ran 11 minute miles.  I was still proud of myself for running it, it was hard adjusting the altitude and I hadn't really ran much since the Epic Relay.  And I luckily had Brittany as my running partner.

After the race, we went out to eat at Ihop.

We discovered that Wembley looks like Pops, so they developed a special little bond this trip.

And Wembley loved all of the attention she got.  So many people talking to her and smiling at her, which is basically all she ever wants.

After breakfast we went home, took some naps, got all of our stuff and went over to the Westovers for a pool party.

Wembley loved corn on the cob.  One of her new favorite foods.

We then went to Seth and Whitneys, hung out for a bit, had Chinese food for dinner, because what else is more American on the 4th of July than Chinese food?  We then headed over to the Murray park to watch the fireworks.  Dad got the girls light sabers which they loved.  Briz was playing and fighting with it all night, while Wembley thought it was fun to eat it.

I was impressed with how good they were during the fireworks.  Wembley was a little unsure at first, but loved to stare and point.  

I realized I forgot to get a picture of the girls in their cute 4th of July outfits, but it was a little too late.

It was a long but great day.  I love celebrating the 4th in Utah.  People are so patriotic and there is so much fun stuff to do.

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Carly said...

Thanks for inviting me to do it!