Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Summer June 2015

It has been beautiful weather here this year.  It has felt like its been summer for a while now, and we aren't even into July.  The times that I'm not working, we have been taking advantage of no school and the sunshine.

We took Will with us to Otter Beach in Corvallis.  It was an awesome pool and we had a blast. 

I love no clothes for babies in the summer.

We went on a family bike ride for the first time with Wembley.  We all had a blast, and Wembley enjoyed herself the most I think.

Brizzy's favorite activity is to stand up in the car and out through the sunroof while she sings (she learned it from Grandma Julie).

Laying out in the backyard with friends.

Just doing a little light reading.

We have been visiting the local library.  They have all sorts of fun, free activities.  This morning was a magic show.  Briz LOVED it and couldn't stop giggling.  Wembley on the other hand, made a friend with a destructive little boy.  She was a bit destructive herself.

We've been going to lots of cool parks around Portland.  Briz still spends most of her times on the monkey bars and Dubs loves the swings.

We've continued our hiking.  This was a light Sunday hike up at Cooper Mountain, about 5 minutes away from where we live.

Briz started her lemonade stand.  She has been talking about this for a year.  She was a little frustrated with people who didn't stop.  She said they were rude.

Nick built a tree swing in our front yard and its a big highlight.  Briz spends lots of time on it and also loves to push her stuffed animals on it.

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