Sunday, July 19, 2015

Visit with Friends

I see my friends usually when I go to Utah (although the last couple times I haven't been able to).  But I hardly get to see their kids and husbands, so we decided when we got together back in May that we would all get together.

It was so fun spending time with their families.  We laughed, made fun of our kids, and forced them to be friends.

Zeke was pretty excited to give Wembley kisses.  He first had to remove the binky, and then he went in for it.

Owen didn't seem too upset about hanging with all of the girls.  Briz was excited to see all of the Maggie and Kate's toys.  She could have played there all day.

Wembley demonstrated the proper steps to stealing a magic wand from a two year old.  Step 1.  Corner him agains the couch.

Step 2.  Begin to crawl up, using him for balance.

And Step 3.  Take said wand.

Joe and Olivia reminding Wembley that they're still much bigger.  Big enough to climb up on chairs and steal each other's french fries.

The kids had fun jumping on the trampoline.   And Maggie, once again, showed us her perfected pose for pictures.

Zeke, Wembley, and Joseph hanging out.

You can tell which of these kids mom takes pictures of them a lot.

Owen caught on and soon started imitating Brizzy's posing.

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Amander N said...

It was so amazing to be able to see you again. I wish we could all hang out every week and live by each other and have our kids grow up together. But I'm glad we get a little time together when possible. And I still laugh whenever I see the pictures of Wembley and Zeke. He has no sense of personal space.